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Established in 2014


Relax Beer is a "One Man Show" beer brand, a "Tangible Passion".

The reason, why I use " One Man Show" is simple. Everything, what happened from the beginning until now, was managed only by me. I have created the recipes, brewed the beers, made the tastings, design the graphics elements, labels, 6 pack re-useable Relax Beer container, any marketing materials, web surface, made the first promotional video, design the campaignes, and many others, what looks small things, but all of them are necessary to be here. I am proud of it.".

The concept is simple: Be simple, but be good. As You can see, all the design, all the apperiance is simple, clean, minimalist, but still elegant. Hope You will feel the same.

I wanted to create Relax Beer not just a beer, a bit more: a "Tangible Passion".

I had an " Idea", "Imagination" , " Dream" from the beginning: to share this "Tangible Passion" to as many as people possible.

To make it alone is a mission impossible. To be possible, I am looking for honest, fair investors/ partners to be part of our mutual goal: to show and share the "Tangible Passion" - Relax Beer - to as many as people possible everywhere on the Globe.

This is my short story. Any question, comment, please contact me.

Relax Beer. Taste One, Taste Two, Enjoy All.